Saving you and the environment

save up to 20% off your power bill whilst switching to a renewable energy source

Providing Geraldton a choice in their electricity provider

Geraldton Community Energy partners with Clear Energy to install energy capture on your home or business, to reduce energy bills and switch to a renewable energy source.

There are no upfront costs to Geraldton Community Energy customers.


Great savings with no upfront costs to customers


Future community storage improving electricity reliability


Reduce the footprint of your home or business

Residential & Strata

Great savings with no upfront costs to customers. Solutions available for residential and strata titles to enhance property appeal and lower bill costs.

Business & Agriculture

Get large-scale energy solutions that protect your industry from increasing prices & outages, whilst asset maintenance is taken care of

Tell us your usage, we work out the rest

solutions considered on case-by-case basis to design bespoke solutions

Reinvestment into the Geraldton community

Geraldton Community Energy PCLG is a start-up, community-based ‘profit of purpose’ electricity retail enterprise driven by a focused group of local community members
Geraldton Lotteries House had spent years trying to reduce it's power costs and switching between providers was the only strategy that made the provider take any notice. When we heard of the GCE structure we were immediately interested in making savings on our consumption. Other important factors to us are that it is clean energy (solar-powered), and that GCE is a non-profit organisation that puts profits back into our local community. We’d encourage every Geraldton business to have a discussion with GCE about signing up.
Geraldton Lotteries House