How Geraldton Community Energy Works

Geraldton Community Energy is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2018, to provide clean, secure, competitive choice to the Geraldton community. Many residents of Geraldton are unaware that they have a choice when choosing their electricity provider. 

Geraldton Community Energy has signed an Electricity Marketing Management Agreement (EMMA) with Clear Energy, an established electricity retailer, to deliver affordable, clean energy to the community of Geraldton. 

Through this partnership, Geraldton Community Energy is a marketing agent of Clear Energy, working together to generate and sell electricity to deliver profits back into the local community.

The benefits of choosing Geraldton Community Energy are:

  • Lowering the existing cost of your electricity bill
  • Switching to a renewable energy source 
  • No upfront cost to the customer for installation, equipment and maintenance 
  • A portion of all electricity sales are reinvested into the community through Geraldton Community Energy

Community energy is an emerging sector within Australia, however, in many other parts of the world (particularly Europe), it is the mainstream model and has been used for decades.

Community Energy enterprises give local groups a chance to take ownership of their energy infrastructure, to deliver long-lasting economic and social benefits, whilst making a significant contribution to reducing climate change. 

Communities across Australia have started the journey towards building their own renewable energy projects utilising a range of technologies including wind, solar, storage and bioenergy. 

We have joined Coalition 4. Community Energy and engaged with Embark wiki. Both are collaborative knowledge bases, who have developed best practice toolkits for developing local renewable energy projects. Articles focus on a range of issues including technical matters, governance, and community engagement.